800W IPL Power Supply Is of High Quality And Good Reputation
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Product Detail


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800W IPL Power Supply Is of High Quality And Good Reputation

Appearance color:           Gray
Shell material:                 Aluminum
Overall dimension:           284*170*137mm
Net weight:                      3.9 kg
Minimum order quantity:   10 units
Samples are supported:    Yes
Is the sample charged:      Yes
Delivery method:              DHL, UPS, FedEx, airline
Production cycle:             5-20 days
Payment method:             Official Bank, Wu, 50% + 50%
  • IPL-GKS800I

  • Wisdom

Product Description

The 800W IPL power supply is suitable for IPL system. With E-Light handle, it can achieve hair removal, skin rejuvenation and other beauty effects.

Product Name 800W IPL Power Supply
Model Number IPL-GKS800I


Weight 3.9kg
Input  Voltage

G--220V / W--110V AC 50Hz(±10%

Output Voltage

DC 200~400V

Output peak current (based on lamp)


Output power

MAX. 800W

Output  Frequency 1-6Hz

Working surroundings temperatur


Protection trigger temperature


Cooling metho

Air cooling



Product Features

1.Full-Bridge charging circuit.

2.Output voltage adjustable.

3.Strong IGBT discharge circuit.

4.Patented pre-ignition circuit make lamp longer lifetime.

5.High working frequency and protection circuit make product efficient and stable.

6.Drive circuit independent design, simple wiring, safe and convenient.

7.Using Non-integrated IGBT module to meet performance and price requirements.


- Safe and non-invasive: non-invasive technology, no pain, no adverse reactions and side effects;

- Significant effect: whitening, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, fine pores, anti-aging, effective time, long time after the end of treatment, the effect is obvious;

- High cost performance: Compared with injection and plastic surgery, the effect is sure and there is no worries, no risk, and customers are more receptive.


- The wrong input voltage must be prevented during use. In particular, the 220V voltage cannot be connected to the
  nominal 110V power supply.
-  It is required to use two high-voltage cables larger than 2.5mm2 to connect the power supply with
  xenon lamps, power supply and capacitors.
-  In the layout of the whole machine, strong electric wires should be separated from the weak signal lines to reduce
-  Please keep the environment dry and clean to avoid high voltage leakage.
-  In the complete layout, the power must be placed in a well-ventilated location.

Company profile:

IPL电源 80191 CE EMC cemark EN55032_00
IPL电源 80191 LVD cemark EN 62368_00
半导体电源 LVD CE

2000W Power Supply for IPL Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation


1. Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
Answer: We are manufacturer.

2. How long is your delivery time ?
Answer: Small order less than 10 days, large quantity less than 30 days; customized products  30 working days.

3. Which way to deliver the goods?
Answer: usually by DHL, UPS,  Fedex, Airline
4. Do you provide sample? is it free ?
Answer: We provide sample, it is not free.

5. What is your payment terms?
Answer: T/T or Western Union

6. How long is the warranty?
Answer: For electronic products is one year from delivery date.
7. Can you design control system? is it free?
Answer: We always customize system or power supply, it is free for special order.
8. Could we download program if its function changed?
Answer: For new program, we can teach you how to download to board yourself.

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