Classification of Laser Power Supplies.
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Classification of Laser Power Supplies.

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The Laser Power Supply is the energy source for the laser, it provides the pump energy to the laser and controls the laser output intensity and repetition frequency. Therefore, the Laser Power Supply is an essential component of the laser. Its power and stability have a direct impact on the corresponding performance of the laser, which is ultimately supplied by the xenon lamp, which discharges the pump energy to the laser. The Laser Power Supply is a high-performance auto-ignition constant current power supply, which can be divided into two types according to the working mode: continuous Laser Power Supply and pulsed Laser Power Supply. The Continuous Laser Power Supply is a high-performance auto-ignition constant current power supply and the Pulsed Laser Power Supply is designed for pulsed lasers. Here are some answers.

Laser Power Supply

Here is the content list:

l Continuous Laser Power Supply

l Pulsed Laser Power Supply

Continuous Laser Power Supply

The Continuous Laser Power Supply is a high-performance auto-ignition constant current power supply with a constant frequency and width regulation to achieve a high precision constant current output. The output current has a low ripple and is highly stable. The ignition section uses a series high voltage package to initiate the arc, an LC secondary high voltage relay, and a low voltage constant current to continue the arc current in a three-stage renewal mode, with an ignition monitoring circuit to achieve automatic ignition, resulting in an ignition success rate of over 99%. The high voltage pulse waveform rises slowly and the intensity can be adjusted in stages to suit the dispersion of different krypton lamp breakdown voltages and also to reduce the spattering of electrode materials, reducing the adverse effects of high voltage triggering on the service life of the krypton lamp. The continuous Laser Power Supply is rich in functions and interface signals and has an additional man-machine dialogue function to select the working mode, etc. It uses microcomputer microcontroller technology to control current settings, logic functions, and interface signals. It is equipped with slow power-on protection, soft-start protection, under-voltage, and power loss protection, over-current protection, over-heating protection, lamp delay protection, lamp extinguishing protection, external control protection, and fault state lockout. The power supply has additional functions such as lamp delay protection, lamp extinguishing protection, lamp voltage display, fault code display, and status lockout.

Pulsed Laser Power Supply

The Pulsed Laser Power Supply is a specially designed power supply for pulsed lasers. It is a true CNC power supply using a switching power supply, which is internally controlled by a microcontroller. Parameters such as laser output power, frequency, and pulse width are selected via the touch mode operating panel, and the user programs the laser pulse waveform and parameters via the keypad to match the welding parameters to the welding requirements for optimum welding results, thus meeting the welding needs of almost all metals and making it an ideal configuration for multifunctional laser welding machines with functions such as misoperation and automatic over-temperature protection.

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