Introduction to Laser Power Supply
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Introduction to Laser Power Supply

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The Laser Power Supply is a power supply for the laser, which controls the current entering the laser and is used to light up the laser's pumping module and make the laser glow. The Laser Power Supply works properly as a result of all the circuit components working together, and a failure in any one of them can result in the power output not meeting the demand or even not working. Next, let's take a look at the Laser Power Supply. Here are some answers.

Laser Power Supply

Here is the content list:

l How the Laser Power Supply control circuit works.

l How much do you know about Laser Power Supply?

How the Laser Power Supply control circuit works.

The Laser Power Supply's control circuit consists of a signal source, signal processing, and shaping, delay regulation, pulse power amplification, energy storage voltage control, and isolation circuits. According to the main circuit, the control circuit mainly performs the functions of charging control, discharging control, time interlock between charging and discharging, and Q-delay control. Isolation measures are added at the interface between the main circuit and the control circuit to prevent the main circuit from interfering with the control circuit and causing the control circuit to go out of control.

How much do you know about Laser Power Supply?

In May 1960, the world's first laser was developed by TH Maiman in the USA, marking the birth of the laser. The Laser Power Supply is the power supply for the laser, which is used to light up the laser's pump module and make the laser emit light. The Laser Power Supply is one of the core components of a laser and occupies a key position in the application of laser technology. It has unique properties, such as a high ignition success rate, safety, and reliability, and it also has a unique sleep function and perfect protection. It provides the pump energy to the laser and controls the laser output intensity and repetition frequency.

Earlier pulsed Laser Power Supplies, such as the resonant charging type or the LC constant current charging type Laser Power Supply, used an I.C. AC transformer to step up the voltage and achieve isolation from the grid. As a result of the rectification of the frequency AC into DC, the DC is then inverted into high-frequency AC by a switching power conversion method, stepped up by a high-frequency transformer, isolated from the grid, rectified, charged to the energy storage capacitor, and finally discharged by a xenon lamp to provide pumping energy to the laser. The size and weight of the entire Laser Power Supply are significantly reduced as the HF transformer is much smaller than an I.F. transformer of the same capacity. Also, due to the increased frequency, fewer energy storage capacitors are charged per cycle and the charging voltage is controlled so that the charging voltage is steadily adjustable, thus greatly improving the stability of the laser output.

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