Product information for IPL Power Supply
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Product information for IPL Power Supply

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IPL Power Supply is one of the most important parts of the accessory and a key accessory that affects the stability and safety of the system. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is known as Intense Pulsed Light, also known as Colour Light, Composite Light, Intense Light, is a broad spectrum visible light with special wavelengths, with a softer photothermal effect, which destroys the hair follicles by laser to achieve permanent hair removal It is fast, effective, safe, without side effects, painless, shrinks pores, moisturizes the skin and other advantages. The "photon" technology was first developed by the medical laser company and was initially used in dermatology for the clinical treatment of skin capillary dilation and hemangiomas. Here we take a look at the product information of the IPL Power Supply. Here are some answers.

IPL Power Supply

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l Product details of the IPL Power Supply.

l The IPL Power Supply is a medical CE standard power supply.

Product details of the IPL Power Supply.

Photon, also known as Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL for short, is a broad spectrum of visible light. Intense Pulsed Light rejuvenation hair removal works on the same principle as laser hair removal. Based on the principle of the photothermal effect, it selectively acts on the hair follicles and hair shaft, which are rich in melanin granule cells, producing a local microscopic explosion that leads to the destruction of the hair follicle tissue, resulting in effective hair removal. IPL Power Supply is a programmable linear DC power supply with only voltage output ranges. Within a rated power of 800W-2400W, the voltage selection range is from 180V to 600V , achieving coverage from low voltage to high voltage. IPL Power Supply series adopt a 8.0"-15.6” TFT LCD, with a more user-friendly human-machine interface, easy function operation, intuitive data display. With the List Mode function, you can edit 10-100 points of voltage(Customize), current, and time waveforms through the front panel.

Our official website is If you work with IPL Power Supply or want to know more about our company, you can talk to us on the website. Our mission is to provide the best possible service to our customers and focus on building long-term partnerships that we believe will lead us to a win-win situation. We are committed to putting our customers first and will be loyal, sincere, and responsible when venturing into the IPL Power Supply business.

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