General system diagram for IPL hair removal
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General system diagram for IPL hair removal

Views: 0     Author: Wisdom(Guangzhou) Electronics Company Limited     Publish Time: 2022-05-26      Origin: Site


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IPL hair removal equipment, it is probably the earliest photoelectric general depilation instrument.

At present, there are generally 800W, 1200W, 1500W, 2000W and 2400W IPL power supplies in the market, of which 2400W power supply is a single board high-power power supply, 2400W IPL  is originally designed by wisdom (Guangzhou) Electronics Company Limited.

The controller of hair removal equipment is mainly controlled by 8-bit , 16 bit  and 32-bit single chip microcomputer. In addition, some use Linux and Android system.

The following figure introduces the system connection diagram and development interface definition, this is for IPL  of Wisdom (Guangzhou) Electronics Company Limited:

IPL system diagram

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