RDRF-Innovative hair removal technology
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RDRF-Innovative hair removal technology

Views: 0     Author: Wisdom(Guangzhou) Electronic Compay Limited     Publish Time: 2022-05-28      Origin: Site


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RDRF technology is patent of Wisdom(Guangzhou) Electronic Compay Limited.

It itegrates diode laser and RF two technology, light waves and electric waves act on the skin in order.

More importantly, we use focused laser, which improves the laser output efficiency by 6-8%.

As we all know, diode laser hair removal technology has a good hair removal effect, and the addition of RF makes the laser more efficient into the skin tissue, because RF reduces the impedance of the skin tissue. 

At the same time, RF itself also plays a role in stimulating collagen and removing wrinkles. 

In short, this technology can not only remove hair and tender skin, but also remove wrinkles and anti-aging. 

The clinical effect is very good, and the doctors and patients are very satisfied.



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